Why Spurs striker Harry Kane isn’t the saviour that fans are quite looking for

Placing our faith in a saviour – which saviour to pick? Joe Lowther CEO of Kick London takes a closer look.

On Wednesday of this week Harry Kane, fresh from scoring 56 goals in a calendar year, was billed as the destined captain of England to lead our countries feted attempt at World Cup glory in Russia. Tottenham go 1-0 at Wembley and lead Juventus at half time in their Champions League knock out match seemingly through.

However in 3 second half minutes suddenly Tottenham are left facing defeat and unable for Kane to save them and go out of the competition. Kane follows on to play for Spurs at the weekend and having seen rivals Chelsea, United and Arsenal win, goes down with a knee injury which may mean he is not only out of the final stages for the Premier League, Quarter Finals of the FA Cup but also as Captain of England for the biggest competition of them all.

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Who are your heroes?

How things turn around in a matter of days. How heroes are built, only to vanish. All our clubs have them. Dalgleish at Liverpool, Cantona at Manchester United, Shearer at Newcastle, Henry at Arsenal, Le Tissier at Southampton. One minute they are there, the next they are gone.

How do we survive these changes of such highs and such lows as football fans?

The elation and then they disappear. People say it’s what keeps us watching but that’s wrong – nobody in their right mind believes that – it’s the glory of winning that people want not defeat. We want what Kevin Keegan himself was called at Newcastle – the Messiah. Sadly for all the great memories and glorious football he delivered, it ended and failed to even produce even one trophy.

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Kane, Cantona, Keegan – we all want a saviour who provides the joy we crave, which doesn’t stop. Even Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign ended and look at the shadow of their former selves United now are.

To find true glory, deep joy and un-ending peace there is only one hero we can turn too. One saviour. One Lord. He outlives footballs trials and out performs where others struggle. He prepares a Kingdom which is paved with gold and will reign in glorious majesty for ever. His name is Jesus Christ. He is answer for all our questions, hopes and dreams.

Which one will you pick?

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Who is your footballing hero?

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