West Brom hot-prospect, Tahvon Campbell, “Jesus has always been big in my life”

Cross The Line grabbed a quick chat with West Brom hot-prospect, Tahvon Campbell to discuss the strikers recent surge into the professional game and Christian testimony.

So Tahvon, tell us about how you got picked up by a major club like West Bromich Albion?

Well, I was just playing for a local Sunday league football club called “Pheonix United” and I was scouted at the age of 10. Since that point, I have always been a part of West Brom.

How would you describe yourself as a player for those who hadn’t seen you play?

If I was describe myself as a player, I would say that I am quick and powerful. I’m a player who likes to take on defenders at run at them directly with the ball.

How did you come to know Jesus for yourself?

For me, Jesus has always been big in my life. Particularly in my house-hold, I come from a religious background at home which has been passed down to me.


If you could partner with any forward in world football, who would it be and why?

I think it would have to be Thierry Henry as he inspired me from a young age. I remember watching him play as a young kid and it was just a great. It would have been a true honour to have played alongside him in my career.

How have you enjoyed your time out on loan last season with Yeovil Town?

My time on loan at Yeovil last season was a very enjoyable experience. It is a fantastic club and helped me grow as a player and a man and I can’t thank the club enough for aiding my development and giving me the opportunity.

Is it hard being a Christian footballer, when you are surrounded by that lifestyle?

At times it can be hard, however it is down to you and what kind of lifestyle you live. Nothing is forced upon you and you just have to make sure that you are always making the right decisions as a Christian.

Who do you model yourself on and aspire to be like in the modern game?

In the modern game, I would have to say Daniel Sturridge. I feel he is a excellent player and we have a very similar playing style. Obviously Daniel plays at the top level at that’s something I definitely want to aspire to.

How does God feature in your match day routine?

I pray every morning and night regardless  and I just thank God for life and the opportunity that I have in front of me on a daily basis. When it comes to a match, I do also do a special prayer before I play.

If you weren’t a professional footballer, what do you reckon you would be doing?

I have no idea! Football is all I’ve ever wanted to do from a young age and I have never thought of doing anything else with my life.

Who is the best player that you have ever played against and why?

That’s a hard one. I have played against some very good players in my career but I don’t think I could pin-point one player who has stood out above the rest.

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