The Ultimate Church XI featuring Barcelona, PSG & Liverpool stars

Neymar (CF)

Some have questioned how genuine the faith of Neymar is, so for some this is a surprise inclusion. Having said that for those who have been part of a church team will tell you, if you have a player with talent like this they need only make a Christmas or Easter service to qualify for the church team. That being said Neymar’s public declaration of “100% Jesus” on his forehead after winning the Champions League Final in 2015, a witness to millions around the world leads me to believe this guy is passionate for Jesus.

He also apparently pays 10% of his mega salary to his church back in Brazil, imagine all the tea and biscuits your church could buy for that?

An incredible footballer Neymar walks into our Ultimate Church 11.

So that’s my Ultimate Church 11, I am sure there are some you agree with and some you don’t, so I would love to hear your Ultimate Church 11s in the comments section.

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