The Ultimate Church XI featuring Barcelona, PSG & Liverpool stars

I am sure you have all encountered some great Church football teams and I am sure many….not so great ones. As we start to think of the best church teams we have witnessed I want to present my Ultimate Church 11.

So who makes our Ultimate Church XI? Well up first we have…

Tim Howard (GK)

In goal is Tim Howard, a man who on his day is virtually unstoppable. His commanding presence and shot stopping ability has seen Tim represent the U.S.A National Team 106 times and feature in 327 Everton league games, not to mention playing for Manchester United.

It was his grandmother’s faith which first attracted him to Christ. After suffering with unexplainable outbursts he was finally diagnosed at ten with tourettes. Howard reveals that it is his relationship with Jesus that has helped him cope and find peace with the condition.

His experience will be vital for our Ultimate Church 11.

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