Sunderland boss, Sam Allardyce reveals he “needs to go back to church and start praying”

Sunderland boss, Sam Allardyce has revealed he feels he should go back to church and start praying again, but why?

Sam Allardyce’s comments may not come as much of a surprise when you look at Sunderland’s current position in the Premier League table. The Black Cats are in the relegation zone, currently lying in 18th position, 4 points behind Norwich City who are in 17th.

The former Bolton Wanderers boss has told BBC Sport that his side are in need of a “divine intervention” to prevent them from going down this season in what has been a nail biting campaign.

Allardyce could only watch on as he saw his side walk away with just a point after a 0-0 draw against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday. However, it should have been a different story according to Allardyce. Sunderland managed to notch up 22 shots on goal, the most they have managed all season. Despite that fact,  they were unable to take all 3 points from a match they should most definitely have won.

Speaking after the game, Allardyce insisted he might need to go back to church to change his sides fortunes.

“I need to go back to church and start praying,” Allardyce told BBC Newcastle. “I can’t ever imagine in my long career dominating a game for so long, creating so many chances and not winning it.”

Final Thought

Sunderland, as well as the teams around them all seem to be in a pretty dire situation with relegation beckoning. Whilst football remains a fickle game, one where our emotions change almost on a daily basis, Allardyce is right about one thing – the church.

The church is the solid foundation in which the Christian faith is laid upon. It is the cornerstone for those of us who believe in Christ, no matter our circumstances or what dire situation we face, we have God on our side.

I’d encourage Sam Allardyce to go to church and to start praying, if he did, he would find something far greater than the feeling of just winning 3 points.

Will Sunderland avoid the drop?

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