Playing on Sundays, the Super Bowl and being a pastor’s son: NFL wide receiver, Devin Hester

Wide Receiver, Devin Hester of the Seattle Seahawks spoke to us about which bible verse means the most, playing on Sundays and much more!

Have you got one stand-out moment of your time in the NFL?

I think playing in the Super Bowl is definitely the one, just having that opportunity was pretty special.


Could you tell us how you came to know God for yourself?

I was born and raised in the church, my mum is a pastor so as the child of the pastor I have always just stayed on that path. The things that you learn and read about just makes your faith stronger and stronger.


How do you use the sporting platform that God has given you to point people to him?

When you are playing out on that field in front of a lot of people you just want to honour God and that’s important because there are a lot of people that look up to you. That is the way that I get the message out there.


Who is the best player you have played with in your career and why them?

I would probably say Julio Jones, just the way that he approached practice and the game, how he dominated means that I admire how he went about his game.


Your Twitter bio reads Isaiah: 54:17, why does that verse mean so much to you?

It is a verse that reminds me of myself, things that I went through in my life and it stuck with me ever since I was in middle school up to high school.


How does God feature in your pre-game time, any routines you have?

For the majority of the time, I wake up in the morning and I put my gospel music on, I like to wake up and worship that way. It gets me in the zone.


Any other players in the NFL that you connect with about your faith?

You get a lot of guys in the league that are in the same situation as I am so it’s good to communicate and talk about our faith. We have a Chaplaincy service that we go to before each game, that’s where we talk about the gospel.


You mention Chapel there, with it being on a Sunday does that basically act as your Church?

Yes that’s it, we make it up in the Chapel service and we always have one before the game, usually lasting about forty-five minutes. I would say there are about twenty guys that go.


What advice would you give to young guys who aspire to play in the NFL someday?

You need to always keep faith and don’t forget what got you where you are.

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