“Neymar isn’t as good as me” – Football Freestyler!

Ollie Baines catches up with Professional Football Freestyler,Daniel Cutting! Daniel chats about his world records, free-styling skills and his Christian Faith.

Thanks for chatting to us Dan! Appreciate it…

So, how did you get into Football Freestyling?

“Hey Ollie! I always loved football from a young age, and started doing keepy uppy everywhere I went. I would rarely be seen without a ball at my feet! As I went through my teens, my passion for freestyle became even greater and I practised everyday for many many hours a day until I could master the skill I was learning!”

Were you always a skilful player?

“As far as I can remember I was always naturally a skilful player, but I just kept practising and practising. It was probably a bit of an obsession at times!”

What are you like at 11-a-side, what position do you play?

“I never really enjoyed 11 a side football. I much preferred 5 a side as it was more about close control and skill. I played 11 a side until 18 though. I think I played in every position possible,  but I ended up enjoying being a striker the most!”

How long have you been a professional?

“I’ve been a professional football freestyler for nearly 6 years now since I graduated University in 2009. I was planning on being a PE teacher but decided to try and do freestyle as it was my main passion and the thing I love to do most.”

What’s the best trick you can do?

“I like the back flip launch. You do a backflip with the ball in your legs and launch the ball into the air during the flip and then carry on freestyling!”

How long does it take to learn a football trick?

“It can take anything from a matter of minutes to a number of months depending what it is, and how similar or different it is to another trick you can do. It took me nearly 6 months to master heel juggles (doing keepy uppies with the heels!!!)”

Check out one of Dan’s trick shots –

Is it easy to become a Professional Football Freestyler?

“No I don’t think it is easy. It’s much more than simply being good at skills. It’s being able to entertain, interact, and engage with people. I’ve developed a business mind, learnt to work with large clients and brands, perform under extreme pressure situations, learnt presenting skills, do public speaking and much more.”

Have you got any records?

“Yes I have 5 Guinness World Records! My favourite of them is running 100m with the ball balanced on my head in the fastest time – 18.53 seconds.”

How many keepy uppies can you do?

“The most I have ever done in one go was 27,000. It took me over 5 hours!”

What’s the best venue you’ve performed at?

“Probably Wembley Stadium. Other than that, I recently got back from Qatar where I was performing at the World Handball Championships in 15,000 seater venues, which was really cool!”

Who’s the best professional footballer you’ve met who’s good at freestyle?

“Neymar! I worked with him last year in Barcelona for a Volkswagen commercial. He really impressed me with what he could do (but he’s not as good as me at freestyle!!!)”

Who are your footballing inspirations?

“Ronaldinho and David Beckham. Ronaldinho because he was simply an unbelievable player, and Beckham because of how hard he worked to be the best at what he did. You hear stories of him staying late after every training session to carry on practising his free kicks. I thought if I could apply the same mentality as he did, then I could be the best at what I do!”

You’re a Christian, what does Faith mean to you?

“My faith means everything to me; it is at the centre of who I am as a person.”

How did you become a Christian?

“I grew up in a Christian family and going to church every Sunday was the norm. But when I was 6 I prayed a prayer with my Mum to ask Jesus into my heart and to become my best friend. I knew even at that age that it was the right thing to do!”

Is Football a form of worship?

“Most definitely. I believe God has created each of us uniquely and given us all different gifts, skills and abilities. Freestyle is a great way to give glory to God and express his creativity!”

If you weren’t a Freestyler, what would you do?

“I think realistically I’d probably be a P.E teacher, but not a very happy one! Haha! I love to sing though so would definitely do that if I could as my job!”

How can people see you in action?

Check me out on youtube/danielcutting and also find me here:

  • Instagram: @dcfreestyle
  • Twitter @dcfreestyle
  • Facebook: DC Freestyle
  • Website: http://www.danielcutting.com

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into Football Freestyling?

“Do it because you love it, find others who love it too and spend time with them and practise practise practise!!!”

Thanks so much to Dan for chatting to us!

What’s your best Freestyle trick?

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