Dallas Mavericks and NBA star, Seth Curry: “I represent Christ”

The NBA is blessed with some phenomenal talent, here at Cross The Line we were able to catch up with Dallas Mavericks star, Seth Curry who spoke to us about his basketball career and journey with Jesus.

Now Seth it’s fair to say you come from a Basketballing family, as an ex-pro how much did your dad’s influence lead you to play the game?

He influenced me a lot, through him I fell in love with the game, we used to follow my dad around to practice and games. We would watch the game and how he worked at it, that made me want to be an NBA player for myself.

Growing up with your brother Steph, both of you being gifted on the court, was the rivalry an intense or brotherly one?

It was a brotherly rivalry which was pretty intense, pretty much everything we did was a competition and having an older brother who was a little bit better than me growing up made me the person and the player that I am today.

Do you recall the time when you first made it into the NBA?

Yeah I do actually, I managed to get drafted out of College by Cleveland and I played my first game against Houston. It was a big deal for me.

Could you tell us how you came to know God for yourself?

I grew up in the Church, I went with my parents every Sunday, just to learn about God, the Bible and his word. That is why I became a Christian and I then went to a Christian High School so that’s where I really got closer to God in my faith and learnt his word.

How actively involved are you in Steph’s career and vice versa, do you regularly check in, pray together, or do you keep your game-time to yourselves?

Yeah definitely, we have been deliberately pushing each other in our faith and our profession for many years. On game day we keep ourselves to ourselves because we have our own teams to think about but we watch each other’s games all the time and talk about them afterwards.

Who would you say is the best opponent that you have ever faced and why?

My brother (Stephen Curry), no problem. That is the truth.

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How excited are you for the season ahead with the Mavericks, early predictions?

I am very excited, hopefully we will go well as a team and my hope is to advance to the play-offs because I’ve never been involved in a play-off game. I am excited about getting that done and about being a part of a great organisation.

Playing in the NBA there are a lot of cameras and coverage, how do you use that platform to display your faith in Jesus, allowing people to see what you are all about?

Yeah I am fully aware of the platform that I have been given in the NBA, there are so many people watching and it’s about trying to be the best example possible for everybody, they know that I represent Christ. I always talk to everybody about being a Christian, I just try to live the right way and if people have any questions then I open up and tell them why I live the way I do.

What’s the best thing about playing in the NBA for you?

I think it’s the lifestyle, to play a game that you love, every day, for a living and to get paid well for it. To do something that I did as a kid, now as an adult makes every single day a blessing and I am so fortunate to be able do that.

What does your God time look like on match day?

On game day I always write a scripture on my shoes and I pray before every game.

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