Manchester United boss calls for respect from his critics

Sports Chaplain,  Mark Blythe takes a look at whether Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho deserves more respect from his critics.

If you have been following the sporting news this week you will have seen the big deal the media have made about the word respect. Well not so much the word, but the way the Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho chose to say “respect” 6 times as he ended a press conference early and walked out.

He was asking for respect from the journalists because he has won the Premier League title 3 times and the other 19 Manager’s together have only won it twice.

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Does he have a point? Does he deserve respect?

To be fair Jose has also won 5 other league titles in Portugal, Italy and Spain and won the Champions League twice. He has an awesome achievement record!

The Bible mentions the word ‘respect’ 45 times and in a number of different situations. Respect your parents, the elderly, the weaker partner, in fact in 1 Peter 2:17 we are asked to “Show proper respect to everyone” Do you?

‘Everyone’ probably doesn’t mean just the people in positions of power, with good CV’s or sound character, it means everyone!

Do you respect Jose as a person? Is there anyone you don’t respect?

Should we have a healthy respect for the opposition team? 

Should we be trying to gain any advantage we can before or during the game to try and win? 

If we try to find ways to put them off are we being disrespectful? 

What if we painted the AWAY TEAM changing room pink because it is supposed to calm players down and might help your home team to win? Sounds crazy and not very respectful but that is what Norwich City have done this season! Two home defeats to West Brom and Leeds indicate it hasn’t quite worked yet!

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31or in footy language“Play the way you want the opposition to.” Showing respect is a good way to start.

Asking for respect after your team has lost 0-3 to journalists hoping for a reaction and some juicy headlines has fallen right into their hands. But was that a fair comment by Jose?

Should United keep the faith in Mourinho?

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