Why Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp’s passion for his Christian faith can be an encouragement to us all

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp’s hunger and desire for his Christian faith has stirred Rick Cole to why he believes we should step out in our Christian faith.

How great is it to see the hunger the Liverpool players are showing on the pitch at the moment, Jurgen Klopp has really got them playing for the team rather than for individual glory. They hunt their prey like a pack of wolves, it must be pretty scary to be a defender of the opposition with the ball in their own half with three or sometimes four reds baring down on them snarling to get the ball off of them.

So what about our hunger for God? How great does feel when you get that hunger, hunger for the word, hunger for knowing more about God, hunger for his presence. You want to read the bible all the time, you want to pray and worship more, you just want to hunt him down but you don’t need to hunt because he is there all the time.

When it comes to hunger for his presence I just love this verse in Hosea 6:3

Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.

There always seems to be a speaker or spiritual father that will stir up your hunger in God. One person that stirs my hunger is Andy Elmes a pastor of Family church in Portsmouth. One time he was speaking at Faith Camp a week’s long Christian event in Peterborough by Kingdom Faith church. During one message he spoke about how important it was to have an actual Bible that wasn’t on a gadget because sometimes gadgets don’t work. I had a kindle with two versions of the bible, I thought that was quite clever you could have as many versions of the bible as you wanted on the same machine. Trouble was my battery was dead so I couldn’t read any of them.

He went on to speak of a time when he was stuck in an airport café waiting for a plane that had been delayed, so he got his bible out and started reading it. After a while he realised that everyone in the café was staring at him. How could this man be reading a bible? First thing I did after the message was go into the book shop and buy a paperback bible. So I got one in luminous yellow with just the words Holy Bible on the cover because I want people to stare I want people to see my hunger for God.

Our hunger makes us bolder. When Gary Lineker interviewed Jurgen Klopp for the BBC’s Premier League Show he asked Klopp, ‘what do you wish for yourself’? The Liverpool boss replied with, “Well the problem is I’m a Christian, well that’s not a problem for me, other people can have success but it’s not about me”. How refreshing to see a Football manager not hiding his faith and even describing it. Wouldn’t it be great if Jurgen Klopp’s show of faith meant that every Liverpool fan started following Jesus? We can lead people to the messiah just by having a hunger for him.

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