Is this Liverpool’s year to win the Premier League?

Is this our year? It seems at the start of every season, Liverpool fans vocalise “this will be our year”. As a Liverpool fan myself, I quietly ask myself the same question after 29 years of waiting for that dream to become a reality.

This season does really look like it could be our year. With that said, Man City have found their winning formula again even when they slipped up at Newcastle, Liverpool couldn’t capitalise and could only manage a draw at home against Leicester and then another draw at West Ham. Before Red’s fans could believe what was happening, suddenly Manchester City we’re snarling and breathing down their necks once again.

From the inside looking out, it seems no-one wants Liverpool to win the league. Most neutrals would rather City win the title again then see Liverpool lift their first Premier League trophy for many a year. It well well be banter, but there seems such hatred towards the potential success Liverpool could achieve this season. Only twice in the last ten years has a team not gone on to win the Premier League after being top of the table at Christmas…I’ll give you one guess which team it was on both occasions…Liverpool.

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Having work in Manchester, I’m used to the friendly banter going on between fans of rival teams at work. It can at times, be a lonely place being a Liverpool fan at work and at times you feel you want to hide it, to blend into the Mancunian background. I guess it’s similar to the Christian life, how easy is it to blend into the background and conform to what others are doing. But Jesus tells us to be a shining light, we should be shouting from the roof tops for the joy He brings, the love, the kindness, the hope He gives us.

In Matthew 28: 19-20 it says in the great commission “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” that’s all people of every walk of life, irrespective as to whether they support United or Liverpool. Those people you meet everyday that are just crying out for someone to show them the way to Jesus.

So can Liverpool get back to top form in a final push for the title. Maybe, maybe not. I can only hope this is our year, but in Jesus we have everlasting hope and my challenge for you, is to find out who He is. Premier League titles may come and go, but Jesus remains.

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