Interview with Jack Reeve: TalkNorwichCity

Cross The Line chatted to aspiring journalist and broadcaster, Jack Reeve. This is his interview!

Hi Jack, thanks for chatting to us here at Cross The Line

“My pleasure, thanks for the opportunity, Ollie.”

Some football fans may have heard of you before, for those who haven’t why not tell us a little bit about yourself.

“First of all to all of you that have heard of me, I hope you enjoy what I do! For those who haven’t my name is Jack Reeve and I have a huge passion for media and Norwich City. When you combine them two things you get what I do. I run my own YouTube channel – TalkNorwichCity which is what I am best known for and I’m also the Head Admin of the Norwich City website – The Carrow Crowd. Thanks to my work on these two platforms I am now starting to dip into the world of television and radio as well.”

How did you become interested in Football Journalism and reporting?

“I very much stumbled across it. I started off making comedic 100 word articles for my Sunday League team and some of my mates found it funny which sparked my interest in reporting on football. Being a Norwich City season ticket holder it gave me the perfect opportunity to start reporting on them via the YouTube channel I setup called TalkNorwichCity. From there it’s snowballed to a level I never thought it would and I now work with both digital and print media. I think the best things often come when you least expect them, and stumbling across the world of sports broadcasting really has given me a route in life.”

What is the Carrow Crowd?

“It’s a Norwich City dedicated website setup by a company called FreshPress. They run a few different fan dedicated websites which give opportunities for young writers to put their work on a professional platform. I am the Head admin of the website and have 3 fantastic editors alongside me who are instrumental in the working of the site. We then welcome any guest writers who have a passion for Norwich City to write on the website who are still young and we currently have about 10 guest writers on board, it’s really great fun and a wonderful platform to show your work off on.”

What’s the best interview you’ve done?

“Every interview I have ever done has been wonderful. The main reason I love doing interviews is because I learn so much off the people I talk to. My first ever interview was with Canary Call presenter, Rob Butler and that was brilliant. Rob is a great guy and he taught me a lot about the business and what it entails and gave me some great tips, that interview is up there with my favourites. I’ve even been lucky enough to interview the likes of Simon Thomas, Michael Bailey, Mick Dennis and F2 Freestylers as well, interviews are my favourite type of videos and every single one I have ever done has a real meaning to me.”

You also have a YouTube channel, tell us about that!

“I’ve already talked about it briefly but my channel is called TalkNorwichCity. I set it up around 2 years ago and since then it’s grown exceptionally well and currently sits at nearly 3000 subscribers and half a million views. The reason I set it up was to give a fans opinion on Norwich City for people that wanted it, I love watching fan cams etc. and there wasn’t anybody for Norwich so I took it into my own hands. As many successful entrepreneurs say ‘the best ideas come from when you create a solution to a problem’ this was my motto when creating TalkNorwichCity.”

What’s the best thing about Norwich City FC?

“I love everything about our club, it certainly was love at first sight for me. For me the main thing I love about the club is the community feel that is brings. It feels like we are treated the same as the players and everyone is all in it for the same reason. Near enough all of the fans get on and the morals of the club are perfect in my opinion, everything about the club I love.”

Who is your favourite Norwich City player?

“Alex Tettey. His smile, his ability, just everything about him makes me happy. There is a certain charisma about Tettey that I just love and well, that goal against Sunderland will be hard to beat.”

Can City get promotion?

“Of course we can. We have the best manager in the league and all of the players now know their roles and responsibilities. Alex Neil’s record is incredible and it’s just the poor start we had that has meant we might have to settle for the play-offs. The turnaround has been exceptional and I fancy us to go up whatever route that may be.”

You’re still relatively young, how have you got where you are now?

“Hard work. It’s as simple as that. You get to a certain stage when you have to start making sacrifices to get to the next level and that’s what I chose to do. I absolutely love what I do and hard work still feels like fun, that’s what helps. I will quite happily get home and edit a video for 5 hours as it doesn’t feel like work as it’s what I would be doing in my spare time anyway. It’s massively important in our industry to make friends as well as people can be very helpful! Knowing people and learning off them is hugely valuable.”

What advice would you give to fellow aspiring football journalists like yourself?

“The best advice I would give is to find a niche and something that sets you apart from the rest. There are absolutely tonnes of young aspiring journalists now so you need to be able to set yourself apart. That is why I like Cross The Line so much because there is nothing else like it. Get your niche and then work hard to produce consistent quality content. Experience is key as well so take every opportunity you get no matter what it is, making cups of teas in an office could prove to be huge if you make a good first impression!”

What does the future hold for Jack Reeve?

“I hope a successful and happy career in Sports Broadcasting but who knows. All I know is that I’m doing everything I can to achieve a dream which is working in the broadcasting industry. As long as I’m happy doing a job though then that’s good with me, as my Dad used to say, if you enjoy your job you will never work a day of your life.”

Thanks Jack!

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