Is it hard being a Christian and a pro soccer player? Miami FC winger Blake Smith reveals all

Miami FC winger, Blake Smith told Cross The Line about his new challenge at the NASL franchise and how important God is to all that he does.


So Blake you have just signed for Miami FC, how excited are you for this new chapter of your career?

“I’m very excited to be playing for Miami FC. We have a great group of players and the coaching staff bring a lot of experience.”


Who was your sporting hero growing up?

“Growing up, my sporting heroes were Michael Jordan and Thierry Henry.”


You have spent some time in the MLS with Montreal, what was your highlight?

“The highlight of my time in Montreal was probably my debut. Stepping on the pitch for the first time as a professional soccer player. It was a special moment to realize all my hard work had finally paid off.”

Tell us about how you came to know Jesus for yourself.

“Coming to know Jesus was very easy for me. I was raised in a strong Christian household with parents and siblings that love Jesus. I made the decision at a young age to accept Christ in to my heart and he’s been guiding me ever since.”


Who is the best player that you have ever played against?

“The best player that I ever played against was definitely Thierry Henry. He was my childhood hero, so to play against him was an incredible experience and one that I will remember forever.”



Is it hard being a Christian and a pro soccer player?

“The tough part for me about being a Christian soccer player is that it is difficult to find time to go to church because of the amount of traveling we do. However, I think that it is hard in general to be a Christian with the way the world is today.”


What’s it like having a legend like Alessandro Nesta as your head coach?

“I was able to play on the same team as Nesta in Montreal, so having him as a coach is another great opportunity for me to learn from his wealth of football knowledge.”


What has God taught you about yourself through soccer?

“There have been many ups and downs in my career and I believe that it’s God’s way of teaching me that in the good times and the bad times, I have to depend on him and give thanks in all things.”


Is being a pro soccer player as good as it seems?

“Being a pro soccer player is all I’ve ever wanted to be and do so I am extremely blessed. But it requires a lot of hard work, physically and mentally, along with a lot of self discipline. Looking at it from an outsider’s perspective it might seem glamorous but it comes with a big responsibility and just like any job, it can be very stressful.”


Do you have any fellow Christian soccer players that you connect with?

“There are several Christians in the world of professional soccer. It’s nice to be able to share that connection with teammates and friends that you see every day who also deal with many of the same struggles.”


Does the soccer schedule make it difficult to get plugged into a church?

“Yes the soccer schedule makes it difficult since we usually are traveling or practicing on Sundays. Another added difficulty is moving and playing for a new club every year or few years.”

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