“God, I want to play for your glory” – says Chelsea & England star

Chelsea & England striker, Eniola Aluko has revealed that there is a vital link between her football career and her faith. 

Women’s football star, Eniola Aluko has told BBC Sport that she has found herself a link between faith and football.

The two together can be seen as a complete paradox, but Aluko, like other Christian footballers has found that the two go perfectly hand-in-hand.

Aluko, 28, currently plies her trade in England for Chelsea Ladies and has already accumulated 90 caps for England. There is no doubting this young woman’s pedigree in the game and the former Charlton striker revealed there’s much more to her game than meets the eye.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Aluko said, “I’ve grown up believing in God and I believe that being an England international and a lawyer has not just happened by accident.

Very recently I’ve come to realise that it can help take the pressure off me when I am feeling very anxious and nervous, and I have a lot to thank former Portsmouth defender Linvoy Primus for in recognising that.”

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Aluko goes on to say that meeting the former Pompey defender, enabled her to play for something much bigger than a 90-minute game of football. Primus encouraged her to play for the glory of God.

As we embark on our journeys of faith, God places people in our lives at the right time. He can speak to us through other peoples words – as Aluko experienced with Primus.

Looking at Aluko’s career: becoming professional footballer, playing for Chelsea, moving to USA, representing England & Great Britain, graduating with a 1st as a Lawyer – it would be easy to dedicate her success to hard work, but the 28-year-old offers a different insight.

“You could say that proving doubters wrong is something that happens a lot in life. Some call it fate; others call it karma; I call it God. It can’t just be me pulling the strings.” – Eniola Aluko.

What do you make of Aluko’s story of faith?

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