Chelsea keeper, Willy Caballero- “footballers can have expensive things and still be humble”

Cross The Line caught up with Chelsea keeper, Willy Caballero in an exclusive faith and football interview.

So Willy did you always want to be a goalkeeper when you were a youngster?

“When I was a child I didn’t like being a goalkeeper. I think this was because my father was a goalkeeper and so I wanted to play in a different position, especially when I was growing up.”

Who was your footballing role model when you were growing up?

“My footballing role-models and idols when I started to love this position were Iker Casillas and Oscar Córdoba.”

How much influence did Manuel Pellegrini had on your career?

“Manuel was very important in a great moment of my career. He gave me the opportunity to play in La Liga after I’d been playing for a long time in the second division. He also gave me the opportunity to grow up as a goalkeeper too.”

How did it feel, to be the hero in City’s recent League Cup final v Liverpool? Was it one of your proudest moments?

“Yes for sure it was one of the most important moments of my career. I really appreciate the name hero or legend, but it wasn’t my success, it was the whole team’s success. It was a moment to enjoy altogether, not only for me but for the team, the staff and every City fan.”

After that game you thanked God for the success, tell us why you wanted to do that?

“In my life God is really important to me. I believe in Him and He helped us a lot. Not just in my career, but in my daily life and with my daughter Guillermina. He has helped me to build an amazing family.”


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Who is the best player that you have played against and why?

“Lionel Messi for sure. I played against him and he was amazing. I have also had the opportunity to train with him and that was even better. He’s a normal guy who enjoys every moment and is happier when he has the ball at his feet.”

As a goalkeeper, how do you deal with mistakes and move on?

“Making a mistake can be the most difficult and most horrible thing in a goalkeeper’s career. But it’s also our life and our job. These kind of mistakes give us experience and as a goalkeeper you must think immediately after a mistake that you are going to have the revenge in the game. As well as that we must be strong because our team needs us to recover as soon as possible.”

How does God feature in your match-day routine?

“I just pray the night before. I try to say some sentences to Him to bring me security, confidence and health. Health is all I ask of God. Everything else depends on me.”

Is it difficult to balance the pro football lifestyle with living a life that is honouring to God?

“I think it is honouring God if I do great job as a father, if I am good person with my team-mates in my work and also how I am in my home and with my family. Professional footballers can have expensive things and still be humble, as well as doing lots of actions that help one another. I think we can find the balance in our lifestyle to do it well.”

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