Middlesbrough and USA stopper, Brad Guzan: “I don’t have one ‘best’ save, they are all vital”

Cross The Line got in touch with USA goalkeeper, Brad Guzan for a faith and football interview. Find out what Brad had to say, here.

What it is like to be a professional footballer?

It’s a dream come true, I am very fortunate to do what I do and it’s a profession you have to look after yourself. Not only do you have to be a good footballer you have to be a good person in terms of helping your team mates and always trying to get better.

Have you always been a goalkeeper?

No, I started as goalkeeper when I went to university back in America, so when I was around 17/18 years old.

Do you prefer England or The United States?

I prefer England for footballing reasons and I prefer The United States for friends, family and food. That will always be home.

If you were an outfield player, where would you play?

I think I’d have to be a striker. It would be nice to be able to score goals!

What’s the best thing about being a goalkeeper and what’s the best save you’ve ever made?

Good question! The best thing is about being a goalkeeper is making saves to deny the opposition. I don’t think I have just one ‘best’ save. Each one gives our team a chance to win the game, so they are all vital.

Is easy to be a follower of Jesus?

Yes. For me it is easy because he helps me stay on the right path.

Is it easy being a Christian and a footballer?

Yes because when you look at the two together; football is something that I love and I have been a Christian my whole life.

What do your team-mates say about your faith?

They respect it but it isn’t something we talk about very often.

Who’s your favourite Bible character?

For me, it’s not about one character it’s about the message the Bible sends.

What would you say to someone who is interested in hearing the gospel?

To have an open mind.

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