Cross The Line chats to English Boxing Champion!

Matt Chisem got in touch with former Peterborough trainee and current English light-welterweight boxing champion Tommy “Da Gun” Martin. Find out here what Tommy had to say.

How did you get into boxing?

“I got into boxing through watching my little brother through a guilt trip from my mum. She made me watch his fight as my little brother George had come all over the country to watch me play football.”

What would you say is your greatest boxing achievement?

“Obviously so far it’s winning the English title and going down in history as the youngest ever English champion.”

What do you prefer- boxing or football?

“I love my boxing and that is what made me choose it over football. Boxing is an individual sport and is all down to you. In football you have to rely on your team as well as yourself; it is a game of opinions but all you’ve got to do in boxing is beat the person in front of you.”

Who do you support?


How did you come to faith in Jesus?

“I came to faith in a changing room in York Hall in Bethnal Green with my coach Jimmy Tibbs and Barry Smith. If you ever get the chance, check out Jimmy’s story.”

How does your faith impact how you compete in your sport?

“It’s a massive help knowing I have God looking over me making sure I don’t get seriously hurt and looking out for me when I need him most.”

How has becoming a Christian affected your life as a whole?

“I massively feel like my life has just started properly. I feel that my faith has changed me for the better. I was a loose cannon and needed calming down and the Lord has done that. He has moulded me into his image and got me on the straight and narrow. He has helped me focus on my sport, to get to the top as much as I can and to look after a family of my own one day. He allows me to look after the close friends around me.”

Make sure you follow Tommy as his boxing career progresses!


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