Chelsea and on-loan Brighton striker, Izzy Brown: “He’s just unbelievable! Technically, you just can’t tackle him”

We spoke to Chelsea and on-loan, Brighton Hove Albion striker, Izzy Brown as he gave us his thoughts on his recent surge to the Premier League centre stage.

How are you finding life in the Premier League, you’ve got the chance of regular football, lots of minutes, which must be refreshing for you?

Yeah you know, the Premier League is the best league in the world and so with me being so young at the age of 20-year-old and to be playing is great for me. It’s only going to give me more experience, you know, coming from Chelsea and being able to come on loan to another Premier League team, it’s always going to be tough to break through, so I’ve just got to keep working hard in training. But I’m very happy to be playing in the Prem.

As a product of Chelsea, you are one of many young talents who get loaned out. Is the youth system helpful to guys like yourself?

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Yes, I think so. Everyone knows how hard it is to break through at Chelsea, so to play minutes in the Premier League is the next best thing. If you can’t play at Chelsea it’s good go on loan and get experience so when you go back, you’re even more of a better player than you are already.

Is it easy to leave your parent club and go on loan, what are the challenges?

No, it’s not easy. You go into a new team, with a new changing room, new cities and it’s difficult to leave your friends and family back at home but you do have to grow up quickly. So yes, it is a tough challenger but it makes you a tougher man.

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People often say that the Premier League is the best in the world, you’ve got a great view, what do you think?

Yeah, I’d have to agree as well because the players you’re playing with week in and week out, every team has so many great players and there are no weak links in any team. Every week is going to be so tough, so for me, the Prem is the best league in the world.

We’ve got to touch on England, as someone who has gone up through the age groups, what have you made of all this success for the U17 and U20’s? Does it surprise you?

It shows that some of the best young players are playing right in their academies in England. It’s just the next step for them to get into the first team and have the change to show everyone else what they can do.

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They’ve done it on the world stage, winning World Cups for their age groups, so the next stage for them is just to show everyone what they can do.

What’s the pressure like for a prodigy like yourself, attached to Chelsea & Brighton, playing in the Premier League and striving to represent England. How do you stay down to earth?

In this dressing room at Brighton, if you come in with your designer clothes then the boys will start getting onto you! But all the boys here will keep you humble and even at Chelsea we have Eddie Newton who is always messaging us and talking to us which really helps us stay grounded. Coming from Chelsea, everyone thinks that all the younger players are big timers and things like that, but we all just want to be playing in the Premier League and that’s it, we all have that common goal.

Who is the best player that you’ve played with, in your career to date?

Eden Hazard, without a doubt. He’s just unbelievable. Technically, you just can’t tackle him. Even off the ball he works hard and here the manager wants to have players who work hard.

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So when you’re training with world-class players week in, week out and you see how hard he works off the ball, then you want to be doing the same. But on the ball, he is just fantastic.

A lot is said about the privileged lifestyle of pro footballers, is it everything that you’ve hoped it would be?

Yeah, people think being a professional footballer is easy. But it’s far from easy, you have to sacrifice a lot. You know, you see all your friends going out and you can’t because you’re training or you have a game to play, so it can be tough. We do have the best life though, you know, coming in every day and doing the thing we love is just the best job in the world.

Will Izzy Brown become a first team regular at Chelsea?

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