Team USA sprinter, Tori Bowie: “I try to be a great example of faith, obedience and thankfulness”

We caught up with Team USA sprinter Tori Bowie, after her sensational medal tally at Rio. We wanted to find out where she stores those medals. . .

So Tori, you came away from Rio with a Gold, Silver and Bronze on the track that must signify a great Olympics for you?

Yes considering it was my first Olympics, I believe I ended on a great note.


What do you do with all those medals? Hide them in a safe somewhere?

Right now I’m still hanging on to them because I have different appearances that require me to showcase the medals. I will put them in a safe in Florida where I train once my season begins in November.


What is it like to be part of Team USA with all that winning pedigree?

It’s a humbling experience. Being surrounded by so many talented athletes motivates and drives me to be a better person and athlete.


Could you tell us how you came to know God for yourself?

In 2013 I began my relationship with God. That was during the time I left home and I didn’t have any friends or family around so all I could talk to was God.


Is it hard to talk openly about your faith on the world athletics circuit? Or have you had positive conversations?

For the most part, I’ve had positive conversations.  But, I try to respect others and their different beliefs.


Has your life changed back home as a result of how well you did in the summer?

People recognize me a little more, but overall my life is still the same.


How do you use the platform that God has given you to point people towards him?

I try to be an great example of faith, obedience and thankfulness. I hope people are able to see that everything is in God’s will and time.  I try to be a vessel.


Who would you say is the best sprinter that you have ever competed against and why?

Elaine Thompson. Her mentality and dominance is a great motivation.


You haven’t always stuck to the track; you’re pretty useful in the sand as well. What made you put aside long jump to focus on sprinting?

After not having the expected success with long jump, I confided in my agent, Kimberly Holland, that I needed something different. We both agreed that I should try sprinting and she found me a new coach, Lance Brauman.  I moved to Florida and began sprint training.  I still have a passion for long jump and I plan to return to that event in the near future.

As a Christian do you have any pre-race routines or time spent with God?

I usually say a prayer before every race and I sometimes listen to Gospel music for inspiration. My favorite gospel artist is Hezekiah Walker.


Is it a challenge to make time for a personal life when you’re also training over four years for the next Olympics?

No it’s not a challenge, you have to learn how to balance personal and professional life. It’s a process which requires focus and dedication.

Where would you keep an Olympic gold medal?

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