An Interview with How Ridiculous!

Co-founder Liam Flint chatted to the boys at ‘How Ridiculous‘, who are making a big splash online with sporting trick shots and their work with Compassion Australia.

Guys thank you for taking the time to speak with us. . .


For those of our viewers who haven’t heard of you, could you just introduce yourselves?

How Ridiculous is made up of three young guys (Derek Herron, Scott Gaunson and Brett Stanford). We combine our passion for sport with a few cameras and try to make what is known as “trick shots” which, in short are sporting phenomenon’s which we create through skill, creativity and persistence. We have been doing this for over five years now and have created a noticeable online presence mainly on YouTube with over 150,000 subscribers! Praise God!  From the beginning we have decided to pull an organization called Compassion into our branding and identity. Our message is to encourage people to live selflessly and to give generously and to join us in the fight against poverty.


Where did it all begin for you guys? Give us a little insight.

 It began way back in 2009 which is a scary thought! Man time flies! The idea sparked from watching a video made by a very young and new to the YouTube scene “Dude Perfect”. As a response to watching their first video we decided to get in the backyard and to have a go ourselves. Not thinking of it any more than a bit of fun and something different. But Shortly after we produced our first video we got some local media attention and the rest is history.


 What inspired or drives you to do what you do?

 There are a number of things that influence our drive as a group. Dreams and Goals are a big motivation for us. I think in different ways but in all of us we have this desire deep down to achieve things that most would consider impossible. If we come up with a trick shot idea that seems so out of this world we’re all thinking how we can pull this off- not why this would be too hard to get permission for. Another big motivation is for our peers and just in general anyone in the world. We believe we are spreading an awesome message and we believe we can make a difference. Finally our faith in God (aka Jesus) is probably our biggest drive. He keeps us motivated and on track, he gives us the strength and endurance to continue to do what we do for the reasons we do.


 What sports do you all play?

 Derek loves his Basketball he’s a bit of a menace on the court and has a huge Vertical Leap. Brett loves Footy, Basketball, Soccer, Fishing, Golf and much more. I played a lot of Cricket back in the day but now if I had a choice I would play Golf. All in all we just play a lot of different sports and have a great spread of skill sets. I suppose this has and will be really been beneficial over the years as we produce more and more videos because it gives us a lot of potential for different trick shot ideas.


 Could you tell us a snapshot, inspiring story from working with CompassionAu?

 Last year we were fortunate enough to do a trip with Compassion to see some of the work Compassion is doing on the ground in the Philippines. Not only did we get to see the Compassion projects at work but we also got to meet our sponsor children for the first time. This was a really special trip for us as as a group as we were really once again blown away at the influence and effectiveness of the Compassion model. I suppose everyone has seen the ads on TV and the images that can be published of those that look underfeed lacking basic needs on social Media etc – however when you see these things in real life it’s just so raw and real. It really just challenges you to question what is really important and how can I help out. We then got to hang out with our sponsor children at their houses and in the project and we heard from them that going to their local Compassion project was the highlight to their day. They are so thankful for their help and assistance. Compassion basically partners with the local church and with local people to create an environment at their local church that can cater to their needs. This most commonly is through education, food and water supplies, as well as learning about the good news taught through the Gospel.

 Do you guys have other jobs?

We all have part time Jobs outside of How Ridiculous. Brett works as a youth Minister at our local church, Derek works in logistics and I work for a Settlement agency.


 Where is the best place that you have been able to go and film?

 The best place by far for me would have to be the Euromast Tower in Rotterdam. This tower is currently where we hold our world record of the highest Basketball shot (91m). It was just such an awesome little place in the Netherlands. The team that we worked with there was awesome and obviously we made the shot so we have very fond memories of this place.


 Who would win in a trickshot battle, Dude Perfect or How Ridiculous?

 C’mon! I’m not going to make that call! All I can say is we have a huge respect for DP and we plan to have an epic battle with them someday soon! They are great guys who are really having a positive influence on a lot of people around the world.


What does the future hold for How Ridiculous?

 The Future is Bright. We have pretty much moved into a full time basis. We are investing more time in How Ridiculous than we ever have, working alongside brands and networks to accomplish some of the most jaw dropping insane footage. Definitely we are in a very exciting space at the moment and the opportunities that keep popping up for us are super unique and special.

Thanks again boys!

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