Adrian Chiles: 46 Churches in 46 Days

Most sport fans will know Adrian Chiles for his strong, brummie football presenting on ITV in recent years. So why has he recently gone on a Church frenzy?

The last few months have been a turbulent time for the renowned football presenter, who was deemed surplus to requirements at ITV after many years of success and growing reputation.

In a recent interview with the BBC he revealed that he had set himself a challenge, away from all the cameras and his regular day job. Perhaps strangely Chiles, a practicing Catholic, decided to attend Mass for 46 days straight, going to a different Church everyday.

Chiles charged himself with this feit, as a result of ‘Lent’, a time in the Christian calendar where you partake in a 40 day preparation leading up to Easter. Despite a less than confident forecast of how it would go, the presenter was presently surprised with how enjoyable and enriching the experience was, as he passionately re-told stories of his trip. He told the BBC:

“It felt like it would be a real struggle; a penance. It turned out to be anything but. It was a rich and enriching experience – spiritually”. 

“I’ll always think back to this Lent as one of the most rewarding and quietly intense 46 days of my life.”

It is interesting, when reading stories such as these, that even when life’s trials are real and knocking at your door, for people of faith, going to Church and coming into God’s presence can alter your perspective and be thoroughly ‘enriching’.

This is a man whose career was delivered a blow earlier this month, a surely de-stabilizing turn for the worst. However it is very inspiring to hear that to him, there is more to life than his job, that ultimately his security comes from his relationship with God. 

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One thought on “Adrian Chiles: 46 Churches in 46 Days


    Dear Adrian,
    Firstly can I congratulate you on accomplishing the amazing Lenten challenge you set yourself – no mean feat!

    My name is Joanna Clay, I’m a Catholic doing postgraduate research with St Mary’s University Twickenham looking at Catholic attitudes to faith in a parish setting. I’d be really grateful to be able to draw on your 46- day experience if you have a little time to give me.

    God bless you,
    Jo Clay

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