5 Football related outreach ideas for your Church to engage football fans

5. FIFA Football Tournaments: For those who don’t know, FIFA is a incredibly famous football computer game that most of my friends are unbelievably competitive at. I once helped organise a FIFA tournament at a church that received a lot of interest and despite never winning a tournament it was great fun.

I see a real potential in FIFA tournaments for youth groups or even outreach to those in their 20s-30s, an age group most church struggle to reach. In itself it may not be a holistic ministry but it is a fun way to engage and build relationships with young men. The beauty of it is that a lot of churches have the resources to stage a really great tournament with projectors and buildings which can draw real interest.

So that was 5 ideas how you can use football to benefit your church. I would love to hear examples that you have been apart of or witnessed. If this article inspires you to start any of these ministries please let us know how you got on!

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