5 Football related outreach ideas for your Church to engage football fans

4. Bible Studies or Cell Groups that meet before or after games: This one is a little different but I once remember at bible college during the World Cup it was decided that the college would pray for leaving volunteers during half time of the opening match. This was a unique experience but could this be something that could be built upon via bible study, prayer or cell groups.

Sometimes when I mention to my non-Christian friends that I missed a major game because I was at a church event I get some funny looks. But what if there was a cell group that meet around football fixtures with a 6.30 start and they stay together to eat, drink and watch an 8.00 game. This would be ideal if you had a lot of football fans or young men in your church. It would also be outward looking as non-Christians could either join you just before the game (in which they may catch the end of your bible study) or could even be an opportunity to invite them for the whole thing?

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