5 Football related outreach ideas for your Church to engage football fans

Is your church struggling to find ways to integrate football fans? Look no further as Ross Grindlay offers 5 ideas to help engage the typical football fan!

Picture the scenario…it’s the morning of your churches latest Alpha Course. Your excitement has turned to disappointment as the people you hoped were coming have cancelled at the last minute. You’re confused and frustrated, all those hopeful conversations you had during the week have seemingly not been as positive as you thought.

The following week you catch up with the people you had invited and realise they did not make the evening because it clashed with the Champions League semi-final, England international or relegation six pointer. Whatever the match, a sympathetic seeker has not engaged with your church because of football.

Football does not just dominate the weekend anymore,  now there are Monday night Premier League games, Tuesday and Wednesday night Champions League games, Thursday night Europa League games and the Premier League is currently unveiling Friday night games. There is no escaping it, football is here to stay.

So can we assume that football is the enemy or are there ways the church can engage with football to help relate with football fans? Well here are a few ideas that your church could use to engage with football fans…


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