Who will be named the PFA player of the year?

Jonathan Blair from Ambassadors Football asks the question on everyone’s lips this week, who will be named the PFA player of the year?

The PFA awards are going to be presented this week. Already we have seen the team, and it’s no surprise to see Chelsea and Spurs players dominate the team. We may agree or disagree with the team, is Gary Chaill one of the best centre backs in the league, not sure!

Who would your player of the year be?

What would your XI be for the Team of the Year?

Within the Bible we don’t have any awards for being the ‘best Christian’ however in Hebrews we do find the ‘Faith Academy’. In Hebrews 11:7-40 we see many of the heroes of the faith mentioned. Noah, Moses, Joshua, Abraham etc, and it describes how their faith in God helped them achieve extraordinary things.

However, it’s the first few verses in Chapter 12 I want us to focus on, Read Hebrews 12 1- 3. The writer here is saying it’s like we are playing a match, this match is our lives, and there are people watching this match, a ‘great crowd of witnesses’. This crowd of witnesses are the faith heroes.

How would you feel if the next time you play as a team the PFA team of the year came to watch?

How does it make you feel knowing that Moses, Joshua etc are watching our lives and cheering us on?

The reality is this. Nothing is private in your life. Nothing is secret, as Christians we believe that God can see everything whether it be positive or negative. Not only is God seeing it, so is this Fame Academy.

Then the writer gave us some advice. In light of this let us get rid of everything that stops us playing this game. We would never play football with weights on our legs. We would never play football with a parachute on our back, that would be madness. However, the writer here is saying we should also get rid of those things that slow us down in the game of faith we are playing. The negative relationships, the bad habits, the poor discipline, that all can add up to preventing us from playing this game of faith that we should.

As in football and in our Christian life it’s all about focus. We have seen the very public criticism Jose has given about some of his players. Luke Shaw being one. He said he had a lack of focus and it has stopped him from playing at his full potential. Here our focus should be following and copying the life of Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

That is a nice concept but what does that actually mean for me in my life? What does that mean for the way I play football? It’s always easy to focus on God when we are church, but the real test of our faith comes on Monday morning at work, or at 3 pm when we play in the semi final and I am getting kicked by the opposition.

The writer in verse 3, challenged us not to give up, and this week let’s make a decision to focus on Jesus and play this game of faith, knowing Jesus and my faith heroes are cheering me on.

Who will be the PFA player of the year?

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