Are Spurs still playing the “Spursy” way?

Are Spurs still playing in their flamboyant fashion? Ambassadors Football’s, Graham Dancy has a look.

Spurs made quite a comeback in the midweek matches, trailing Swansea 1-0 right up to the 88th minute. They scored three times in the last 6 minutes and won 3-1 to keep pace with league leaders Chelsea. While Arsenal have captured all the headlines recently with the ongoing speculation about Arsene Wenger’s future, Spurs seem to be mounting the only serious challenge to a Chelsea title. As they did last year, they have quietly got on with chasing the leaders and while it may prove to be too much of a gap to close, it is impressive that Spurs finished second last year and could well do so again this year.

Their fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude was on show as they managed to turn the game around against Swansea. Many other teams seem to fade in the last few minutes but Spurs have picked up 17 points from losing positions, more than any other team in the Premier League and have scored more late goals than any other team.

Football TV pundit Danny Murphy puts it down to the manager Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino said after their win on Wednesday “The most important thing is the badge, it’s not about the names it’s about the team”. Ian Wright commented that the Spurs players are “fighting and determined… they were 1-0 down but they just kept going” (and then as an Arsenal fan he started crying!)

Have you ever played in a match where you were tempted to give up, either because you were losing by too much or couldn’t seem to score?

How did the team’s attitude around you help or hinder you?

Do other player’s attitudes frustrate you when they seem like they are giving up?

When we think the match is lost it’s very easy to stop giving 100% or even just to give up completely. That often can happen in life too. If we’re faced with a difficult situation we may be tempted to stop trying our hardest or throw the towel in. The way people around us react can affect us too. If we see them working hard and not giving up that can encourage us to keep going. If they seem to stop trying that can bring us down. Pochettino has managed to instill a fighting spirit and unity in the team that helps them keep going no matter what.

How can you encourage others to keep going?

How do you deal with the negative input from others who might be with you in the same situation?

How can you help your team to become united and never give up?

In the Bible we read about Paul, a leader in the early church, who encouraged those around him to keep going. In spite of difficulties Paul said that he always tried to press on and put in absolutely everything to reach the goal that God had given him (Phil 3:13-14). He described himself as a runner in a race who runs with purpose and discipline in order to win (1 Cor 9:24-27). He challenged his friends to all work together as a team to build each other up and grow in maturity (Eph 2:12-13) and not get tired of doing what is right or give up because he knew God would reward them in the end (Gal 6:9).

If you’re tempted to give up this week look to God for strength and try and encourage others to keep going to. In the end we’re all on one team reaching for the same goal and should work for one another.

Will Spurs win the title this season?

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