20 Christian Sports Stars you need to follow

16. David Luiz

David Luiz, aka, Sideshow Bob is one of footballs funny guys. The Brazilian centre-back has recently come back to the Premier League to the delight of the English supporters; as Luiz offers pure entertainment with his footballing ability but also his happy-go-lucky attitude that makes him adored by millions.

A magnificent footballer with an incredibly joyous nature that he puts down to God. The Chelsea man is brilliant to watch and so often comes out with the unexpected – keep an eye out for David Luiz!

17. Rich Froning

Some may be questioning as to who Rich Froning is, well, he’s the man who has helped put CrossFit on the map! The American has dedicated his life to Christ and combated the stereotypes of Christian’s in sport by being one of the best in his field. He’s even inked himself with one of his favourite verses so there’s no hiding his faith when he competes.

A wonderful role model in the fitness sector, Rich Froning may not have been on the top of your lost, or even on it for that matter – but he’s certainly worth checking out!

18. Kevin Streelman

With the words “Follower of The Way / Just trying to shine a light” the only ones that encompass his Twitter bio, it’s clear to see where Kevin’s heart is at. The golfer has a wise head on him that not only helps him on the course but allows him to share his faith with others.


Asked if he uses his career as a vehicle to shine the light, Streelman told Cross The Line, “We are all given platforms, whether it is to reach one person in our life or millions but I think there is going to be a moment where we come face to face with God and he says ‘I gave you talents and abilities, what did you do with them?’ I just want to stand there and say that I did my best to give it all back. That really drives me everyday.”

19. Faf Du Plessis

Faf makes up the third of a trio of South African cricketers on the list. Best mates with JP Duminy, the two forged a friendship after discovering they both believed in the same God as well as being team-mates. Speaking to Cross The Line, Faf said, “Yes I am a sportsman and I’m used to be having my performances and my destiny in my own hands but you’ve got to surrender that and realise that isn’t why you serve him. It’s a tough lesson in the beginning because you like your destiny to be in your own hands but you realise that how you perform as a cricketer is not the most important thing. It’s just about trying to shine that light where ever you go and affect people.”

As Faf tries to shine the light on the cricket pitch, he also shares it throughout his social content. Forever willing to back up his words with actions, the batsman is a true inspiration.

20. Daniel Sturridge

One of the most technically gifted players in England, Daniel Sturridge has a lot of fans in the world of football. A proven goalscorer with a deadly left foot, no defence would like to be matched up against the Liverpool striker. In a world of sport which focuses on self-centred success, Sturridge combats the stereotype of a typical footballer as he attributes all success on the field, to God.

Great win… dance mi a dance. Vibe mi a vibe. God is good ❤️ #lfc

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Renown as the joker of the group, Sturridge is good value for a little follow if you fancy it! A quality all-round guy, Sturridge’s passion for life shines throughout.

Which sporting star will you be following?

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