20 Christian Sports Stars you need to follow

6. Ricardo Kaka 

Arguably the most iconic Christian figure in the world of sport, Kaka lives and breathes his faith in all walks of life. Humble, calculated, yet passionate about both his career and faith in God – the former World Player of the Year is a magnificent role model for any young aspiring sportsperson.

I had the honour of interviewing the former Real Madrid star and I was blown away by his humilty and eagerness to share the Gospel through his career. He told me, “I don’t want people to see me, I want them to see Jesus” and this passion certainly seeps into his social media channels.

7. AB de Villiers

The South African batsman, AB de Villiers is a brilliant advocate of the Christian faith. Speaking to Cross The Line on how he first encountered Christ, he said, “I was on a boat and after about 6-8 hours of getting seasick and just lying at the top deck of the boat, I just felt so small and He (God) connected with me. Urging me on to appreciate the little things in life, my parents, close family and friends. Once again telling me not to take my eyes off of Him.”

The miracle of a sunrise. Love feeling close and connected to God's creation

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It’s always a pleasure to read AB’s posts as he flits between the behind-the-scenes life of a cricketing superstar but also as a man, on his own journey with Christ.

8. Pierre Spies

Pierre Spies, an absolute mountain of a man and one that most players will want to avoid if they can! Behind the muscle lies a man who was desperate for something more in his life. The Montpellier number eight stands well above most on a Rugby pitch, but the giant possesses a gentle yet genuine faith in Christ which sees him through his career.

Spies, 31, is actively using his profile to share the good news of Christ – “It’s about understanding the impact that we have on people’s lives as professional sportsmen and making sure that we utilise that influence correctly. Being a professional sportsman can open up many doors and if we choose to be wise and walk in love then we can affect change for the kingdom of God” – he told, Cross The Line.

9. Missy Franklin

Fun, joyous and full of potential: Missy Franklin is a must follow! The USA Olympic swimmer has incredible talent, all to whom she gives God the glory for. The youngster brings the fun back to swimming through he social media posts and inter-twines it with some wise messages about her journey with God.

It’s been brilliant to watch Missy’s career go from strength to strength and she is the ideal role model for all aspiring Christian female athletes.

10. Seth Curry

Often regarded as ‘in the shadow’ of his brother, Stephen – Seth certainly doesn’t hide away from the light when it comes to putting God first. The NBA star claims that his career success is all down to #GodsWorkNotMine on his Twitter profile.

Seth, like his brother Stephen, may be rivals on the court, but they both share a fierce Christian faith that unites them in their sport. Speaking to Cross The Line, Seth commented, “I am fully aware of the platform that I have been given in the NBA, there are so many people watching and it’s about trying to be the best example possible for everybody, they know that I represent Christ. I always talk to everybody about being a Christian, I just try to live the right way and if people have any questions then I open up and tell them why I live the way I do.”


Which sporting star will you be following?

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